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Audio Links

diyAudio forum - a great place.

Elliott Sound Products - superb mine of audio information and projects, the best on the internet.

Basic Car Audio Electronics - loads of info and calculators/tools. Aimed at car audio, but equally applicable to home audio.

Doug Self Amplifier Institute - gurus site with lots of in-depth design info.


Electronics Links

Apex Jr - surplus electronics store in USA but deals worldwide.

Rapid Electronics - electronic components supplier in UK offering good value.

Combined Precision Components - electronic components supplier in UK, not as good as they used to be but still worth a try.

Farnell - electronic components supplier in UK - part of same group as CPC, seem to be taking over the component business from CPC.

Surclean - UK suppliers of DKL Metals products. SN100C is by far the best lead free solder I have used. Shiny joints and no bridges/tails!

Warton Metals - UK based manufacturer of solder, I recommend the Autosol RA 2% flux 0.7mm product for leaded/non-RoHS hand assembly.

Sprint-Layout - brilliant easy to use PCB design package. You will be up designing boards in minutes!

All About Circuits - online community that provides both interesting content and useful resources for Electrical Engineers.


Other Links

Firefox browser - more secure, better featured and nicer layout than Internet Explorer. Free!

Thunderbird email client - never suffer an Outlook virus again. Free!

avast! antivirus - why pay for worse virus protection? Free version available.

Sumatra PDF reader - so much faster and less bloated than Adobe Reader. Free!

LibreOffice - does everything I've ever used MS Office for, is compatible with it and is a lot less bloated. Free!

7-Zip - file and directory compression software, like WinZIP but better and free!

WinRAR - file and directory compression software, like WinZIP but better and a free trial. The authentic way to create RAR files.


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