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All designs will be published in full detail on this website for people to use freely (for non-commercial, personal use). Those highlighted below are already honed and tested. I will never release a design that I have not fully built and tested from the exact files and information uploaded here.


Soft Start preview Soft start for mains transformers. No additional power required, compact size.

Easy Mains Switch preview Easy mains switch. Can use a low power single gang switch to switch 12 amps live and neutral.

100 W PSU preview 100 W PSU for amplifiers. Good performance and simplifies project assembly.

200 W PSU preview 200 W PSU for amplifiers. A big brother to the 100 W PSU, can run a stereo or mono amp.

Mains Op-amp PSU preview Regulated PSU for op-amp circuits. Stable and quiet +/-17V. Can be fed from a transformer or off the shelf AC plugtop.

Hi V Diff PSU preview High voltage differential regulated PSU for op-amp circuits. Useful when adding EQ etc. into amps - feeds off the amp DC supply.

DC Splitter preview DC Splitter for op-amp circuits. Use with the newly EU-recommended 'wall wart' SMPS AC-DC supplies to turn the single DC output into a split supply.

Balanced I/O preview Balanced line i/o. High performance and elimination of ground loops whilst retaining earth integrity.

Pick-N-Mix Crossover preview Pick-N-Mix Active Crossover. Select your combination of 2nd- and 4th-order filters, high- and low-pass, to build your ideal crossover. Also includes Linkwitz Transform and input and output stages.

2nd-order 2-way Subtractive Crossover preview 2nd-order 2-way Subtractive Active Crossover. Fancy trying a transient perfect crossover?

Sub-woofer Controller preview Sub-woofer Controller. All you need for a nice simple sub-woofer.

Input Buffer & 2nd-order High Pass Filter preview Input Buffer & 2nd-order High Pass Filter. Use on its own to implement a 5th- or 6th-order bass alignment, or in conjunction with the Sub-woofer Controller.

Negative Rail Generator preview Generates a negative rail of equal magnitude to the input. Can provide about 100mA. Allows you to keep 0V as real ground.

Multi Amp preview Class-A multi-purpose amplifier. Low power amp with voltage or current drive modes.

N-Power Amp preview 160 W n-channel MOSFET power amplifier. Designed to be compact, efficient and sweet sounding, to drive any loudspeaker.


Please check back occasionally as more projects will go live as well as new projects be added.


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