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About Read Research

With twenty years experience of designing and building audio equipment, and an appreciation of production techniques and CE certification, Read Research can be trusted to deliver the goods. Sometimes it's hard to get hold of decent designs that use parts that are easily available and affordable to hobbyists and small run builders in the UK. I hope to change that. My aim is to provide this community with resources for their own high-quality audio equipment. Audio equipment that is soundly engineered and high performing, using commonly available, value for money quality industrial parts and single-sided, novice-friendly boards.



I support the TurnMeUp! campaign to bring the dynamics back to recorded music.


Latest News

12 Sep 2016 - through hole packaged (TO-92) JFETs are being discontinued left, right and centre. The popular 2N3819 as used in a few of my projects has been out of production for a couple of years now, Cricklewood Electronics have some left. Click here to see how to use the BF256B which is stocked by Farnell and RS Components as a substitute.

19 Mar 2014 - new module - audio grade solid state relay. See the Shop section.

23 Feb 2014 - new article - how to wire up a power amplfier. See the Articles section.


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