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High Voltage Differential Regulated PSU


This project came about because I wanted to build some line level circuitry into the same case as an amp. Space was tight and a cost effective option was preferred. This circuit feeds off the DC supply already inside the amp and regulates it down with surprisingly good performance to +/-17V at plenty enough current to drive a bunch of op-amps. The capacitors across the zener diodes serve to give a soft start function to the output voltage.


Modifying to Suit Your Requirements

The component values shown were calculated based on an input rail voltage of +/-60V and a load of 6 or so dual op-amp chips. If your supply voltage is lower (or higher) than this voltage then ideally you will need to decrease (or increase) the resistance of R1, R2, R3 and R4. Don't forget that C1 and C2 must be rated to the full voltage that will be applied to the circuit. In practice however, the values I have used will be fine for the range 48-72 volts.



Schematic PDF of schematic

PCB Copper PDF of copper side of PCB

PCB Component PDF of component side of PCB


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