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2nd-order 2-way Subtractive Crossover


This is a single-board solution to a 2nd-order 2-way subtractive crossover. The high-pass section is formed from a 2nd-order unity-gain Sallen-Key filter, and the low-pass output is derived by subtracting the high-pass signal from the full range signal. Full input buffering is provided and the outputs are ready to drive any amp. Why not give it a go!

To work out the component values for the high-pass filter, check out the 2nd-order High-Pass Filter Designer on the Utilities page of the website. I recommend you choose a damped response such as Bessel to avoid a hump at the crossover frequency.



Schematic PDF of schematic

PCB Copper PDF of copper side of PCB

PCB Component PDF of component side of PCB


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